Achievable Organisms: Studies/Portfolio

The full work of The Skinny Blowfish is built upon Two Collections: Achievable Organisms and SemonStirs.

Achievable Organisms

Conservation, Mindfulness of the Natural World. Universal Consciousness.

This Collection is a mix of ideas all centered around our relationships and experiences with the natural universe we co-exist in.

At it’s core this is a Conservation and Wildlife minded Collection. Achievable Organisms is representative of our place in the Natural World of past, present and possible futures. The collection explores my take on humanity’s exploitation of our World as well as the beautiful, harmonious opportunities that I believe are entirely achievable.

There are birds and flowers and fish and plants, minerals, and landscapes. Sometimes these fantasy worlds represent pristine and beautiful existences. Sometimes evil is revealed as the Devil comes out. Sometimes my work takes on abstract visual representations of the emotions associated with these topics. Sometimes I explore a fantasy world of what I wish things could be.

This Collection also explores the idea that we are all capable of achieving spiritual experiences by harmonizing with the greater universal consciousness.


Unabashed artistic explorations of human sexuality and sub-culture fantasy

A mixed Collection of unapologetic artwork.
Deviant, brazen queerotica.

Preview of available work from the SEMONSTIRS Collection:

September 4th, 2019 UPDATE: Thank you for SELLING OUT nearly every one of the first run of these prints!! ALL SOLD OUT PRINTS WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN next week!

Acrylic Cardinal Bird Detail


My favorite mediums to paint with are acrylics and flexible modeling pastes.

Sculpted Rhino Horns


I begin my sculptures with wire armatures and cover them in either canvas, plaster cloth or papier-mâché. I then sculpt texture with modeling pastes and paint.

Projects like these Rhinoceros Horns take several months to complete since each layer of modeling paste takes about 2 weeks (or more) to cure.

Sketch of friend in pastel pencils


I love the work I have created with pencil, charcoal, and pastels! The chalky rich texture of pastels create a sexy contrast to the buttery acrylics I typically use.