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I am so grateful to be able to share all this with you!

The fantasy world of SEMONSTIRS goes far beyond “artistic nudes”.

Broadly defined: the full SEMONSTIRS collection artistically depicts lascivious exhibitions of alternative sexuality and lifestyles. The collection explores both real experiences and spiritual worlds related to alternative lifestyles. The explorations depicted within this collection are quite deviant from our cultural norms. The ultimate goal of the work is to provide a vehicle to heal by connecting you to your own spiritual sexuality.

Previews of the collection are Found below.

These previews give a taste of what is inside the full site. If you are looking for a more fantasy world or spiritual world of erotic connectivity then this art is for you!f

If you would like to see the ENTIRE SEMONSTIRS COLLECTION as well as regular uploads of pictures and videos (including behind the scenes content not seen anywhere else): subscribe for $9.89/month at onlyfans.com/semonstirs
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I have a monthly subscription over on onlyfans.com/semonstirs (also SEMONSTIRS.COM) that helps me make all of this happen! It is well worth it!

A subscription is only $9.89/month and your support helps me keep the content fresh and flowing!

Why a subscription and why $9.89 a month?

A monthly subscription is a great way for you to support the growth of this intense sexually-spiritually healing work.
I know I am asking a lot for fans to pay to see this content.
You can subscribe anonymously!

Here are some of the ways I can make $9.89/month worth it for you!

Ultimately one of the main goals is to provide an intense fantasy world of erotica that enables you to have a deeper sexual-spiritual connection. Healing thru deep connection with yourself. Deep release, deep to your own core.

You get the full photo sets of the model shoots!
You get the fantasy-themed videos!
You get the explicit, hardcore paintings!
You get the behind the scenes content!
..you also get some story time for context!

PLUS if you already use onlyfans.com then you are already used to the format! If you’ve never used onlyfans.com before then you are in for a treat! You can subscribe anonymously!

A SEMONSTIRS subscription will put you thru to see all of my explicit work and dive deeper into this sexual-spiritual world.
This is a great opportunity!

When you subscribe….

..you are also helping with what it costs for me to produce all of this. It takes lots of moving capital in order to make these scenes happen. Paint, building materials, models, equipment, food, rent, the costs of setting this all up… it adds up fast.

As a new artist I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring this work into the world!!

I have a vision for where I want to take all of this! I want this to enhance your life!

I really do appreciate any and all of the support!

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